Fee Structure

Consultation Fees
New Patient Appointment
from £285.00
15-minute Consultation
Face-to-face or Video
30-minute Consultation
Face-to-face or Video
45-minute Consultation
Face-to-face or Video
30 minutes
Full Medical
from £585.00
60-75mins; pathology or investigations in addition
Well Woman / Well Man Check
from £315.00
Pathology or investigations in addition
Home Visit
from £380.00
Starting at 1 hour
Telephone Consultation
from £145.00
Other Fees
Telephone/Fax Prescription
Supplementary Letters
from £75.00
Email/Text/WhatsApp Consult
from £100.00
(not offered routinely)
Rates available on request
Rates available on request


Pathology and investigations are charged in addition. The pricing of these depend on what is requested and deemed appropriate to do.

Please note: we invoice to international insurance.

(Prices subject to change without notice)