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"Extremely thorough and incredible patient service orientation"

Dr Brovig has been our family GP for over ten years and I cannot imagine having anyone else as our family doctor. As a medical professional, she is exceptional and as a person, she is perceptive, warm and empathic.

Kristina is extremely thorough and has an incredible patient service orientation. She diagnosed my Multiple Myeloma at an early stage through dogged persistence—she followed up on small signals most doctors would have dismissed and she collaborated with myeloma doctors in the UK and internationally to manage my care and treatment options.

She is extensively networked and has developed an impressive set of wide-ranging relationships with world class specialists—relationships from which our family has benefitted. I come from a family of doctors and my sister (also a doctor) expresses constant admiration for Kristina’s ability to balance the pursuit of innovative medical practices across the full spectrum with a deep commitment to the care and well-being of her patients.

Most recently, Dr Brovig has shared her thoughts and advice in writing on the pandemic and her missives around Covid 19 are legendary. Her advice is clear and she’s generous in her willingness to share her professional views beyond her immediate pool of patients as many of our far-flung friends and family have benefitted from her guidance.

Kristina is a “one of a kind” GP.

"Dr Brovig will invest a genuine interest in you"

The first thing you will notice about Kristina is her personable nature and contagious smile which put you at ease instantly. She will invest a genuine interest in you and your care and I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone.

"Look no further for medical help"

Look no further for medical help: the professional integrity and skill of Dr Brovig would be difficult to equal. She is wise, caring and kind.

"Kind, caring, gracious, nurturing, and approachable"

My daughter (aged 35) and I have been patients of Dr. Kristina Brovig for over 15 years. Not only is Dr. Brovig a hugely skilled and brilliant diagnostician, but she is also a compassionate, caring and warm human being. I know from first hand experience that she always goes the extra mile for her patients. As well as being a wonderful medical doctor, Dr. Brovig has supported me emotionally – as if I were a member of her family – during some of the most challenging and stressful moments in my life and career. She always makes herself available, even during evenings and weekends, if necessary, which is no mean feat given her very busy schedule. I can honestly say that becoming a patient of Dr. Brovig was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and my family. It is a privilege to have her as my doctor.

In addition to Dr. Brovig’s superb medical knowledge and investigative skill, she has many personal attributes and qualities. She behaves with integrity and treats her patients with respect, listening to them and seeing them as human beings rather than simply medical cases. Dr. Brovig is able to put people at ease and deals with their anxieties calmly and without judgement whilst maintaining focus. Kind, caring, gracious, nurturing, and approachable, she is generous with her time, is a great listener and communicates effectively and honestly. She is passionate about her patients’ emotional and physical wellbeing. Anyone, like me, who is lucky enough to have Kristina as a doctor is very fortunate indeed. The world needs more dedicated and caring people like her.